Getting data from RESTful web services and other websites is really easy in VB.NET and can be done in just a few lines of code. In this example we will get data from one of the APIs provided by Steam that returns the full list of apps available on the service. Getting The Data First of […]

There are lots of ways of creating a spreadsheet in the .NET Framework but the most simple ones rely on some sort of Excel interop or having Excel installed on the machine where the code is running. When using ASP.NET, the code runs on the web server so it is highly unlikely that Excel will […]

Working with numbers in the .NET framework is generally pretty straightforward. Just add a new double or integer and use all the basic operations you’re used to, like addition and multiplication. This works fine until you need to use a value that’s bigger (or smaller) than the standard number data types. Thankfully, since .NET 4 […]