Getting Data From Other Websites in VB.NET

Getting data from RESTful web services and other websites is really easy in VB.NET and can be done in just a few lines of code.

In this example we will get data from one of the APIs provided by Steam that returns the full list of apps available on the service.

Getting The Data

First of all, you will need a couple of Imports statements.

Next, we need to create a WebRequest for the data we want and keep track of the object so we can get the response when it’s available.

This code will create the request for the data we want and the get the response from the server and it will be stored in the res object. To get the actual content of the response, we will need to retrieve the underlying stream from the response.

After this, we have a stream, sr, that contains all the data returned from the server.

Using The Data

The response from this particular web service will be in JSON format so we will need to transform the data from a stream to something useful in order to extract the bits we want from it.

One of the easiest way to do this is using JSON.NET, an excellent open source library for working with JSON data. To use JSON.NET in this project, go to Nuget and add the one called ‘Newtonsoft.Json’ to the project. Then add another Imports statement so we can access it.

Now we can use the DeserializeObject method from JSON.NET to take the contents of the stream and turn it into a generic Object.

After this, AvailableApps will contain all the data from the stream from which we can either directly grab the bits we want or can more broadly query using LINQ.

The Full Code

The Imports.

The data gathering code.

So in just four lines and a couple of Imports we have got the data from the service and started to manipulate it so we can use it.

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